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Importance of Job and Recruitment Portals

The job and recruitment portals actually have an essential role on the process of finding a job that’s suitable. This is actually the reason with why you must consider preparing a resume that will speak up about your work experiences and skills and to upload it at job portals.

People who are authorized will be able to view the uploaded resumes which will also include current employers and some of the job portals will give you an option who could view your resume.

The recruiting agencies will get vacancy details from employers and also work together until the process of selection on the right candidate.
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There are in fact different kinds of categories of recruiters. These would be the contingency recruiters, headhunter and retained recruiter.
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Contingency recruiter agencies in fact will handle search on contingency basis at job portals for their suitable candidates. The client is going to pay the fee only once they achieved successful hiring of their candidate.

A retained recruiter will do high level recruitments such as CEO’s, vice presidents, etc. A retainer fee is paid to the recruiting agency to perform the candidate search. Remaining fee are going to be paid after successful hirings.

In case you are looking for a particular industry, it would be best to consider contacting headhunters who works in that industry.

The recruiting agencies usually will be working for employers not only for job seekers which is why sometimes you will not see any response from the recruiting agencies.

A recruiting agency needs to search at job portals so they could check whether the job seeker will be able to match on the employer’s requirement. When yes, the recruitment process is then going to start from there. The recruiting agencies are a mediator between the employers and the job seeker.

From the checking on the availability of job seekers for the interview to the process of collecting offer letters, it is the sole responsibility of recruiting agencies.

The employers are going to need the right candidate and it is also the job of the recruitment agencies to ensure that the candidate is going to meet with the employers requirements. If it doesn’t meet the expectations, recruitment agencies are not doing the right kind of job and they also are not the right candidates for the employers.

Job seekers will have all the right to question their recruiters. It is important to make sure with why recruiters ask your resume and about what is the requirement.

One of the benefit for employers from consultancies is on the fact that it helps to save time and there’s no need for employers to conduct interviews.

There are in fact some consultancies that charges job seekers, which in fact is the reason why you must clarify from the start to when they are expecting fees on their duty. Nowadays, most of the recruitment agencies are not going to charge.

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