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The Advantages of Reading Books to the Kids

The children who are aged between three to five really wants their parents to read some story book to them always. Because when the parents do reading to the kids before sleeping, tendency is that they will fall asleep faster in listening to the story of fairy tales.

The parents these days doesn’t really know the good effects of reading stories to the children before bedtime and they usually ignore it.

To summarize things, parents must be able to know the good effects of reading stories to their children so that they will be knowledgeable in things like those. Closer relationship with the parents: Reading a story to your kids when you are both lying down on the bed while snuggling and cuddling will really be liked by the child.
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The relationship of the parents and the kids will be stronger if there is always a physical interaction and bond between the two of you.
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The words will be more than before: The child is known to have sufficient words that he uses during conversation but if the parent wants to improve it, he or she can do it by reading books to them because through their listening, they will learn a lot of new words for their vocabulary.

The bright minds of these children will make you halt in reading because they will ask the meaning of the unknown they heard from the story you are reading.

When they know the meaning of the word, they will always remember it in their minds and will keep it always.

Improves the concentration of the child: The kid will be more concentrated if the parent is always on time in reading the bedtime stories to them, the parent must also make sure that the child is listening well. The parents will also make the child be more discipline when they are reading stories to him. The child also became a good listener in the future because of the parents.

Reading books gives lessons: In order to make the child a good person in the future, the parent must use tools like songs and videos in doing them. In anyway, the books will be more useful than those songs and videos used by many.

The child will learn that laziness is not good over kindness and honesty as well as greed and jealousy is not a good idea from the stories they will hear.

Academic Status: Aside from learning good values and morals from the stories, the most important thing they get is that they will be smarter and well educated because of the stories.

It is expected that the child who has fondness in books will have good performance in school and have a brighter future than the kids who was not.

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