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The Road to becoming a Meat Cutter or Butcher

Are you a meat lover for crocodile, pork, beef or lamb? Haven’t you wondered how the meat you eat was able to be cut in a size just enough for you to eat it? These meats came from large animals. In comparison to chicken meat that only comes from not so big animals, pork meat comes from large pigs. No matter how good you are as a meat cutter in your own kitchen, you can never cut a whole pig into smaller sizes that can be found in the market unless you are a certified butcher or meat cutter.

These butchers and meat cutters are the persons who know how to cut large animal meat into bite sizes or retail sizes that can be sold in the market. Any ordinary person can never do such perfect cuts unless that person is already a professional butcher. Becoming one requires various standards and experiences and if you want to be one, you must at least meet these criteria.
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So what are basically the tasks of a butcher or meat cutter? The basic job of a butcher is to see to it that all cutting equipment are adjusted as well as sharpened. Inspecting and receiving of the delivered meat products are also part of their roles. Their biggest and most important roles are the cutting and grinding of the meat. They even de-bone these large animals. Once they are done with the cutting process, they are also the ones who weigh and pack the meat according to their parts. The sizes of the cut meat are the ones you buy in the market. The cut meats are grouped accordingly to their types of cuts. Inventory and proper refrigeration of the meat are also done but meat cutters.

But how do you become a butcher or meat cutter? Are having muscles a requirement? Basically, you need to have strong arms. How can you carry a large cow if you are well fit, right? Butchers must have strong arms and hands to cut the meat. A butcher’s job is a physical job. Therefore, if you are already physically unfit, you will never be a meat cutter.

Is there a requirement in terms of educational attainment to qualify for this type of profession? Definitely not. Education is not really a criteria for you to be qualified and become a meat cutter or butcher. As a butcher or meat cutter, the basic qualifications that you should possess are your skills and strength for cutting. If you have been doing this job for so long already, the higher is your possibility to become one of the best. You can also join trainings for you to learn more about becoming a butcher or meat cutter.

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