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Two Features to Look for in Server Lifts

There are important aspects of data center operations that need to be more thoughtfully considered for its optimal success. There are a lot of expensive electrical devices, software, and application that must be upgraded from time to time. But there are risks involved in server deployment because the people lifting heavy servers can suffer injury and as a result damage equipment. To do the lifting manually is clearly dangerous because the people doing the manual lifting can suffer from over exertion. The need for a more efficient method of server lifting has been answered.

Inefficiency is the major setback in lifting servers manually. Precious time is wasted on manual lifting and transport of servers from point to point by foot. Modern technology has come up with a server lift, a more efficient way to lift servers and other rack mountable equipment.

A server lift is a device that is built for data center operations. A server lift is specifically designed to lift servers and other rack mountable equipment. Because they are designed for data centers with tight corridors, they are smaller in size than conventional lifts.
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A server lift device must have two important features to be most beneficial.
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1) Having a smaller footprint is one of the advantages of using a server lift. It is an advantage for deployment operation to move quickly and carefully, which a server lift does. This is due to the limited space that are often the case in data centers. In order for a server lift to move around with efficiency it must have a very small width. It needs to be able to maneuver between server racks.

Another advantage of server lifts having a smaller footprint is that it is easier to store. In order to keep a server lift, you only need a small storage space. Data centers are often too cramped with equipment and racks, they don’t have storage space.

2) Being able to lift heavy loads of up to 500 lbs., to a height of about eight feet is another of the advantages of using a server lift. This is an important feature because some servers are big and heavy. It isn’t only people that a server lift helps from over exertion, it also ensures the safety of equipment by preventing unnecessary accidents that can damage them.

Iron angle bars make the server lift’s frame a sturdy platform that functions as a carriage or cage. Heavy servers and other sensitive equipment like UPSs and batteries are secured in the cage or carriage for transport and automated deployment on racks.

Thus, one of the most important advances in data center deployment operations is the introduction of the server lift, because it keeps people and equipment safe.

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