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Tips for Choosing a Digital Strategy Agency

You can open a business by yourself, but what you will soon realize is that you’ll need the help of other people to grow. More specifically, you need the help of a digital strategy agency to spread the good news about your business and attract those who may be interested in it. But how do you select a good digital strategy agency, knowing there are so many out there?


First and foremost, find out about your prospective agency’s forte, or the services that make them popular. Even before that, make sure they can provide your current needs. If one of your goals is to improve your search ranking, are they knowledgeable and skilled enough to do that? Can you trust them with that? Make sure your most important needs align with the agency’s biggest strength. Simultaneously, the full array of services they provide should be a major consideration as you decide.

The Process

Each flourishing agency uses its own undisclosed formula that delivers the best outcome for their clients. As a client yourself, it’s important to know how exactly they will handle your case. There’s no need to know the formula, but the process should be explained to you. In short, ask questions like, what do you intend to do to build my marketing program, or what tools and data are you going to use, or what will be my role in all of this? And all the rest.

References from Similar Clients

Perhaps the most accurate indicator that an agency has the ability to help you, is what they’ve done for other clients who belong to the same industry as you. Ask your prospective agency to show you case studies, not only covering what they’ve done but the actual results as well. Also make sure to speak to previous clients as they can provide you a glimpse into your potential relationship with the agency. Ask them if the results were satisfying to them, and if the agency was successful in providing everythig it promised. Of course, different businesses or campaigns can never be exactly alike, but this step will show you whether the agency works with the strategic mindset and mindset that you would like them to.

Communication of Results

Lastly, the digital strategy agency you select should provide recommendations supported by actual data and greater business revenue. When checking out prospective agencies, ask about benchmarks, analytics and metrics. Have them provide a sample report so you know the manner in which the results will be communicated to you. You obviously need to understand what they’re saying rather than getting overwhelmed with tech speak and all.

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