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Financial Investment Industry Regulations Investing is a complex and fascinating field as well as fruitful. The federal government does not guarantee securities as it does with banking deposits. Proper research and evaluation of security investment is required to protect your investments. The laws and regulations governing the securities industry are derived from the simple concept: that all investors should have access to facts about an investment before purchasing it and as long as they hold it. A large number of legislation and regulations have been created that enforce fairness within the financial and securities investment industry. These laws provide legal mechanisms that protect investors and ensure market stability. These regulations are mandatory in the prevention of financial crisis and as such seek to achieve specific aims and objectives. Progressive reforms of regulations seek to resolve any financial crisis without the need for taxpayers money. Depositors and investors are protected by these laws. Regulations are designed to encourage financial stability and market transparency. As such, laws provide a risk adjusted compensation system in the event of a crisis. To ensure optimum economic growth the investment market must be regulated. This is accomplished through the utilization of four core principles. First is the elimination of barriers that govern investor entry and exit. The second principle involves maintaining open access to the market for different investors. Third, policy development, and the impact of policy compliance by institutions and investors. A fourth way in which the market is regulated is through the enforcement of regulations regarding investments.
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Companies must reveal to investors information about their financial position and activities. Revealed information assists investors during evaluation of the viability of an investment. As a result, having access to a constant flow of accurate information is vital for the national economy. In ensuring this objective is achieved, the SEC works in collaboration with all participants, listens to their concerns, and learns from these experiences. The SEC is responsible for overseeing the activities of security exchanges, brokers, financial advisors, dealers, and mutual funds.
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The SEC encourages the release of information that assists the maintenance of integrity and protects investors from fraud. The SEC’s main goal is the implementation of legislation related to investments, investors and market regulation. Each the year the SEC invokes civil lawsuits against violators of investment laws. Cases handled by the SEC include the disclosure of incorrect information, insider trading, and accounting fraud. To accomplish this mandate, the SEC supports investor education on its website and the EDGAR online database for the disclosure of company documents. As the primary oversight agency, it works in close collaboration with other government bodies such as Congress, federal departments and organizations, stock exchanges and private sector entities. Developed policy extensively covers all areas of security investment. Financial regulations address all key components of financial products.

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