Getting the Best Bundle Deal

When I moved back to the town where I had grown up, I thought that I would just get the local cable company to hook me up with TV and Internet options. I was really surprised when I contacted them about promotional deals for new customers, because the ones I was told about were not that great at all. I decided that my next move would be to see about Directv in my area. I knew that they have some great promotional deals, and I wanted to see what they would be able to offer to me.

I went online to look at their programming packages first to see which one I would need. There are certain TV shows that I watch, and I wanted to make sure that those channels were not on one of the more expensive packages. I was really happy to see that the channels I wanted was on one of the packages that was the least expensive. The next thing I wanted to find out was the different promotional deals that they were going to be able to offer to me. I already knew that I would get some free things, but I wanted to know the prices too.

I knew that I would be able to get channels like HBO, Starz and Showtime for free for three months, and I also would be getting one free year of the NFL Sunday Ticket. I was already being offered a great price on the package, but I knew that I would get an even better deal for being a new customer. They did not disappoint either, which is why I now have Directv at my house instead of cable. I had to go with the best deal for me, which was hands down Directv and the Internet bundle!

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