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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are known to perfectly save time and energy for its users. These appliances bring joy to a person’s life because of their ability to hold a meal ready for consumption when one returns from running errands or work. They are convenient appliances for everyone and the type to buy is dependent on many factors. Outlined below are the features that one needs to bear in mind when choosing a slow cooker.

Programmable cooking time: This is a must-have for anyone who plans on cooking away from home at some point. When you set the amount of time food needs to cook, the cooker automatically switches to ‘warm’ settings to preserve the warmth of food without overcooking or burning the food.

Temperature Control Settings: this is an important feature because various foods require different temperatures to cook. There are three kinds of control settings in cookers; plain on and off settings, cookers with high, low, warm and off settings, and cookers which allow specific adjustments for cooking temperatures to be made. The type to buy is dependent on the kind of food one would like to cook.

Cooking probes: they are effective during the preparation of big meat pieces like whole chicken in regards to temperatures. Typically, they penetrate into meat through the lid of a cooker and adjust respectively while the meat is cooking.

Inserts: The two types of inserts used for slow cookers are ceramics or aluminum. None of them is completely superior over the other; the choice for each is dependent on a person’s preference. Nonetheless, those who have used both report that ceramic inserts are easier to maintain and the food prepared in them has a better taste as compared to that of aluminum inserts.

Lids: Slow cookers come with different types of lids, glass or plastic. The lock down element on glass lids of slow cookers makes them a good choice for food transportation. The view from plastic lids is blocked by steam and this makes one need to raise the lid to see the food in the cooker. This affects the quality of the food since the more a lid is opened, the more a food’s flavor disappears.

Size: this has a huge impact on the type of slow cooker to be purchased. The purpose of a slow cooker determines the size which one needs to buy, for example, cookers for making soups or food for a single person don’t need to be large. When choosing a cooker for a large household, then a big cooker will be most appropriate.

Shape: cookers come in varying shapes with a purpose. Oval shaped pots can be used for anything, but round shaped cookers are best suited for soups, sauces and stews.

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