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Extending Social Services

Private organizations, governments and non-profit entities offer a wide range of public services collectively referred to as social services. The services are also referred to as social welfare services and social work services as well. The services create more effective institutions; they generate enhanced communities, and promoting opportunity and equality. Social services include facilities and benefits including health care, education, police, food subsidies, job training, fire services, subsidized housing, management of the community, adoption lobbying and policy research. The effect is always clear in the society.

Governments, institutions and NGO’s extend social services to the disabled. Although they receive social services, they are passive. The ability of people with disabilities goes unnoticed quite often. It is a common trend to see disability itself. Various organizations and governments recognize the gap that exists when the disabled are excluded from programs for socioeconomic development. For this reason, these organizations and governments put in place adequate and sustainable social services. Usually, the projects are tailored along the special needs and skills of the disabled.

Social services improve the lives and living conditions of the disabled, children, the poor and the elderly within the national community setting. The world over, people experience injustices. Other issues facing the world are pressing challenges that remain pressing and incredibly complex. The society would be a different place without social workers in such situations. They serve all cadres of life. They play a great role in enhancing people’s lives, help individuals across the ages and impart a positive social change to people within their local environment.

The services cover adults, children and the disadvantaged in the society. Children are the biggest beneficiaries of social services in terms of medical services and education. The services are offered by social workers to those who have their voice. Children in the society would be doomed without social services. Courtesy of social services, human living conditions are worth a mention.

Besides improving the lives of beneficiaries, social services relieve pain and suffering. Extended provision of social services touches on those in addiction, poverty, unemployment, abuse, mental illness, disability and discrimination. Social service providers help the recipients to understand how deal with new challenges in life. Beneficiaries develop new life skills courtesy of social service providers. Social services give beneficiaries skills, knowledge, and empower them to improve what entails their daily lives.

Trained social workers offer social services in governments and institutions. Social workers are usually trained in social service and social work. These people undergo various supervised fieldwork hours. The basic training and fieldwork prepares them to work well in different areas and with various people. They include schools; mental health clinics, private practices, hospitals, prisons, corporations, military, public agencies, virtually anywhere else there are people in need and private agencies

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