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It is difficult to find two people with the same substance abuse history as well as personal experiences. Getting help for addiction should be specialized when you or a loved one decides to commit to getting clean. We first evaluate your unique personal and financial needs then we tailor recovery management to your needs and in a compassionate manner. As addiction consultants, there are factors we first consider as we tailor the program for you. How much you need to detoxify is one of the factors we consider. Some of our patients need medical guidance as well as therapy as they withdraw from substance abuse. This is why we first determine the type of detox treatment that will work best for the patient.

The severity of the addiction is the other consideration we have. Addiction Severity Index is the tool that we use to analyze the patient and that is going to help with planning the treatment of the patient. If there is a mental health condition during the addiction, both conditions have to be addressed at the same time known as dual-diagnosis management. Addressing the psychiatric illness as well as dependency for chemicals needs one to implement the comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment program. The patient’s financial situation has to be evaluated in the first instance because these programs cost a lot of money. The insurance coverage and financing options will be evaluated before we recommend the addiction treatment program to go with.

We will advise some of our patients to get help away from home or from home depending on the specific case. This is to help the addict avoid the triggers that fuel their addiction. Sometimes the support system of the addict like the family may be best choice to help the addict get back on track. We work with treatment programs that are reputable and professionals as well and these are just some of the things that we are well known for. Licensing and accreditation, certified medical staff and successful evidence-based methods are some of the services we offer as addiction consultants.

We are available on a daily basis and it does not matter if you are looking for a luxury rehab center or a standard residential addiction recovery facility. Once you get in touch with use, we will freely discuss with you what you want from our recovery management service. We will consider your budget and personal preferences to get you the program you are most comfortable with. Our patients consider us reliable because we will still give you all the support you need after the treatment to ensure that you have a healthy lifestyle moving forward.
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